The Trading Robot The Industry’s Been Crying For...
It's Here! History's 1st PATENTED Trading Robot,
Using A System That's Won A Total Of 88.27%
Of ALL Trades Since 2006!
(Spoiler Alert: See proof NOBODY'S been able to show before)
First legitimately
patented robot
First USA .Gov verified patent

That’s right… this software is so advanced…. so solid… and so unique that it is the first EA robot in history to be legitimately patented. And I’ll even give you full-access proof, so you can verify that statement yourself:

That’s how you know… nobody can lay claim to have anything remotely similar to what I’m about to show you… you’ve OFFICIALLY… never witnessed something like this before. This is a ONE OFF.


Verify on the GOV domain:

Registration Number / Date: 
TXu001778789 / 2011-10-11
Application Title: 
Forex Striker Final Edition.
Forex Striker Final Edition.
Electronic file (eService)
Copyright Claimant: 
Navitech LLC, Transfer: By written agreement. Address
Date of Creation: 
Authorship on Application: 
Navitech LLC, employer for hire; Domicile: Dominica;
Previous Registration: 
2011, pending.
Pre-existing Material: 
computer program.
Real-money account

I hope you are not missing the boat and following the winning robot like our clients!

A lot of scammers post nice charts but can they prove it?

Forex Striker puts an end to the scammers and photoshop tricks. Below we attach the real investor access to the live account!

You can login and verify, all live, no tricks, no gimmicks!

Step 1: Open a Myfxchoice account and download MT4.

Step 2: Login as investor

Login: 15371
Investor password: forexpa1
Server: FXChoice-Live

Step 3: Verify the trades and start your own trading!

Very consistent, small drawdowns, high profits potential!

A real-money account as proof... We have over 300!

Our 500 Betatesters!

That’s true.. we could not settle for less..

Before we went public with Forex Striker, we had 2 beta tests.. a long-term one and the more recent 30-day test.

In fact, we sent invites out and got more than 6,000 people who wanted to participate...

- "It will be my pleasure to test such a robot because it seems a very powerful one, and I’d like to participate in its initial success."
- "Willing to trade live. I am a total newbie, if I can do it, then ANYone can!"
- "I am eager to test your software for you, and I’m willing to run it on one of my live accounts with real money!"

We let 200 in, filling all of our beta tester spots..

500 people trading with Forex Striker was our goal..

In the end we got 350 live accounts opened, and almost EVERYONE is in profit.

We gladly present:

Forex Striker Betatester Observatory

Everyone is profiting with Forex Striker... NOW!

The 7 Year Backtest

Plus just to double-confirm our profits with Forex Striker, we also have backtests going back 7 years... showing just how profitable this system is over time. Forex Striker has won over 87.01% of all short trades over the last 7 years... and won over 88.35% of long trades over the same period.

That’s a total of 88.27% of all trades won... over the time period dating way back to 2006. Can you name one single Forex system that offers 7 years of consistent passive profits during one of the worst economic crashes of all times? NO... I don’t think so.

Now, nothing's perfect... in Forex Striker's 7 years of backtesting... do you know what was the average number of consecutive lost trades?... 2

Do you know what's the most trades consecutively won were… 40!
On average Forex Striker wins 8 trades in a row.
Imagine winning 8 trades back-to-back all the time. Like clockwork.

On the top of that… we have the signed letters directly from the broker proving that we have indeed set up real-money accounts and been making cash from them. 

FxChoice Letter

Before you start thinking what’s the catch? Don't worry, there isn’t one…

Forex Striker is extremely easy to use and will perform for everybody alike. The brokers’ spread, as we know, can seriously sway your potential earnings… but with Forex Striker, even the brokers’ spread won’t be enough to stop you from profiting.

Of course, there will be a slight variation in the amount of profits made for people across the brokers… but no spread will be big enough to stop you from making money.

Before you’re overwhelmed by the numbers and money making potential, let me explain how this is all possible for you. Using a very sophisticated yet simple method, you can now take identical trades to those of that month’s top performing traders within the hedge fund and make the same solid, concrete profits that we do.

Now we can’t expect you to just buy it and see it for yourself, right...?

That’s why, in addition to showing undeniable proof from backtests and our live real-money accounts… we’re also offering you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked. If you’re not happy with your profits… then don’t pay for it… it’s really that simple.

By now, you realize that Forex Striker is your opportunity to make real money today. This big break will not be available forever, exploit this opportunity right now, secure in the knowledge of your 60-day money-back guarantee.
Forex Striker Private Trader Package includes:
Patented Technology:
EUR USD Trading Module initially valued at $999
Responsible for 23,593% profit.

Patented Technology:
GBP USD Trading Module initially valued at $799
Responsible for 19,701% profit.

15% Deposit Bonus:
Exclusive offer to Forex Striker Pro Traders from The MyFxChoice Broker of Choice

Forex Trading Seminar:
September 2014: AUSTRIA

Famous For Hosting Some Of The Biggest
European Trade Events


FREE Ticket to Kapeller Forex Seminar 2014. A great holiday getaway in Austria with a beloved one and up to two children. *** Flight and hotel stay are not included!

FREE Meet & Greet and Cocktail Party with the Developers

FREE Sightseeing Tour of Innsbruck
Including the Headquarters of Swarovski and the Famous Golden Roof

FREE EVENING EVENT: Seminar to Discuss the Past Years’ Profits as well as the Future and Upcoming Updates + New Modules (Free of Charge for the Members). Sold at $999 to non-members!

Private Trader's Package initially valued at $1,499

You can start profiting with Forex Striker RIGHT NOW!

Instead of charging $1,499 which we easily could, given the fact that Forex Striker is the MOST POWERFUL FX Robot on the market, we decided to PROVE it.

We will give you access to the most advanced Forex trading tool on the planet for only $147 one time!

Thats right.. you will NOT have to pay $1,499 but only $147 one time and that's all..

As you will make a ton of profits every month, it will be easy to cover the price of Forex Striker.

Are you insane? Why do you make it so cheap?

Simple. WE KNOW that Forex Striker will perform and deliver more than enough money to us. WE WANT you to enjoy the same kind of profits we will be enjoying and make it AFFORDABLE to you.

There is however a bigger reason WHY WE NEED AND WANT YOU TO MAKE MONEY!

In fact, we made a deal with our brokerage of choice MyFXChoice to give you a 15% bonus on your deposit and in turn earn a percentage of your profits.

Them and us have a very big interest that you trade with profits because that is how profits for them are produced too.

THIS is the reason why we sell Forex Striker at this insanely low price. We know we have outdone ourselves and are proud of our creation but the more profits YOU make the more we will make...

So everyone here at Forex Striker and also at the brokerage MyFXChoice has a big interest in making you money and doing everything that is needed to make you succeed amassing insane amounts of cash.

It is a WIN-WIN situation...

And because of this deal you will recieve STELLAR support from our side and also from the brokerage.

NOTE: You are free to choose any brokerage you like to trade Forex Striker with!

There are no restrictions whatsoever! This is just an extra bonus :)

Yes, trade for 2 months with Forex Striker.. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the profits, send your trading screenshots in, and we will refund every single penny to you. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

This is a one in a lifetime chance to obtain high technology trading software that was reserved for bank usage RISK-FREE!

Forex Striker

Forex Striker, the FIRST Forex robot that works for everyone*

*Definition: everyone means that over 98% of the betatesters are in profit while 2 % have not installed / funded properly, not followed the setup instructions, or just started out and picked a potential loss trade (Forex Striker makes 2 loss trades in a row while making 8 winning trades in a row on average)

One-time payment of $147.
Cancel any time. Full 60-day Guarantee!

Got questions? Email us at or Call +441157142915, +441158882746 (International) or 0115 714 2915, 0115 888 2746 (UK)
Frequently asked questions
How is Forex Striker different from other robots, offered on the market?
Forex Striker is the only patented Forex robot in history. Its profitability and stability proved by our verified live-account results and biggest ever beta test beat all other Forex robots out there.
What does one need to start earning with Forex Striker?
One needs to have a Forex broker account, a computer or VPS (Virtual Private Server), and a licensed copy of Forex Striker. Our skilled and experienced customer support team will be glad to assist you with obtaining any of these.
Can I use Forex Striker if I am a complete newbie?
Yes, definitely! It’s a completely hands-off robot which does all the trading all by itself while you only sit back and watch its remarkable performance.
Do I need some special software to run Forex Striker?
Forex Striker runs with the popular free platform MetaTrader4 which is offered by almost all Forex brokers on the Internet. Yet we recommend the broker MyFXChoice whose results proved to be notably better than those of others.
Is it hard to set up Forex Striker on my computer or VPS?
Forex Striker has a fully automatic hands-free installer which will enable you to install the robot within seconds. If you encounter any issue, our top-notch customer support team will promptly resolve it for you.
Are there several ways of the robot’s setup?
There are two options: the automatic installer and the manual installation. Both setup options are covered in detail in Forex Striker’s user’s manual. You can also rely on our recommended third-party service which can set up everything for you on your computer remotely.
Will I be getting any assistance with using Forex Striker?
Yes, our 24/5 professional customer support will be assisting you infinitely. Fire off a message anytime you have a question or need help, and it will be our pleasure to assist you.
What broker should one choose for trading with Forex Striker?
You can use Forex Striker with any broker offering the MetaTrader4 platform, but for ultimate performance we recommend MyFXChoice whose unbeatably low spreads, fast orders execution, glitch-free environment, and friendly customer support prompted us to select is as the Broker of Choice for Forex Striker.
Are the default settings good for the robot’s trading?
The default settings are the optimal ones. All settings are nonetheless open, meaning you will be able to experiment with them and fine tune them in accordance with your personal preferences if you so wish.
What is the required minimal account deposit for using Forex Striker?
The required minimal account deposit is as low as $500 per each currency pair. There are two currency pairs traded (EURUSD and GBPUSD). You can trade both or either one of them.
Does Forex Striker work with the NFA brokers?
Yes, it does. Forex Striker has been made fully compliant with all of the US NFA (National Futures Association) restrictions and requirements, such as the maximal 1:50 marginal leverage limit, the “first in, first out” rule, and the hedging prohibition. Yet for ultimate performance similar to that displayed, we suggest you use our recommended broker MyFXChoice which opens accounts for the US customers yet does not subject them to any of these regulations.
I am an American, can I use Forex Striker?
Yes, you can. Being fully complaint with the US NFA (National Futures Association) requirements, Forex Striker can be successfully utilized by the US customers in the same fashion as by the non-US ones. For a restrictions-free trading environment, we further recommend opening an account with our partner brokerage MyFXChoice which accepts customers from worldwide, including the United States.
Does the robot use a martingale strategy?
No, it doesn’t. Forex Striker uses a proprietary patented state-of-the-art technology that does not depend on martingale (doubling down on the trades’ lot sizes).
What is the robot’s maximal risk?
We do not recommend setting the Risk parameter to a value higher than 50 if trading one currency pair, and to a value higher than 30 while trading two currency pairs. These values do not indicate the percentage of capital risked on your account but a value in Forex Striker’s encoded proprietary trading formula.
What are the recommended settings for this robot?
The default settings are the ones we recommend – hence the reason they were made default. We nonetheless leave our customers with an option to select and fine tune their own settings through independent testing, leaving all the settings parameters open and fully adjustable.
Should I start with a demo or a live account?
We suggest you start with a demo to make sure everything functions properly, and then switch to a live account using the same equipment. Demo accounts are free and can be opened nearly instantly with any broker.
Does the backtest show accurate results of the robot’s trading?
No, the historical data stored with a broker might not match the actual quotes due to the Daylight Savings Time being in effect. Therefore, there can no more precise test than a forward test (even on a demo account). The backtests presented on our website were made using special custom tick data enabling the modeling quality rate of 99%.
How will I get the robot after the purchase?
You will be emailed with access to the Members Area where you will be able to easily download the robot’s files in any place anytime. The Members Area also contains a number of useful functions. You can store all your product licenses in one place.
What is the average monthly profitability of Forex Striker?
Forex Striker averages over 100% per year, meaning the average of about 10% per month. Yet not every month will be profitable. The performance over any specific given month will depend on the current market conditions. Possible losses taken over some months will be overcompensated by profits over the others, netting a very substantial net return by the year’s end.
What currency pairs does the robot trade?
Forex Striker trades EURUSD (the European Euro against the US Dollar) and GBPUSD (the British Pound against the US Dollar). These are both high-liquidity currencies with the tightest spreads, ensuring ultimate long-term profitability for the months and years to come.
Does Forex Striker trade daily?
No, it trades only on those days when the market conditions are favorable. On some days, there are no market movements and no trades taken therefore. On other days, the market moves actively, prompting the robot to place many profitable trades. Forex Striker averages around 100 trades per month.
How long does the robot hold trades open on average?
The average duration of a trade is 2-3 hours. Sometimes, when the market is moving substantially and very fast, trades can be closed within minutes. At other times, when the market is moving rather slowly, it is normal for the trades to stay open for a whole day.
Can one have the robot determine the lot size automatically?
As long as your Lots parameter remains set to 0, the robot will automatically determine the proper trading lot size in accordance with your selected risk level under the Risk setting. The built-in proprietary trading formula instantly does all the calculations, with the robot subsequently opening and closing trades on your account all by itself.
Will customer support of the product be provided?
All Forex Striker customers will be receiving regular customer support for an infinite period of time. This includes both email support and live chats with our skilled and experienced customer service staff available to you 24/5.
How much time does the robot installation take?
Our state of the art automatic installer enables a hands-free installation of the robot within seconds. If you experience issues with the setup, our customer support will be happy to guide you through the process in a prompt and professional manner or even install the robot on your computer/VPS (virtual private sever) remotely for you.
Where is it better to rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?
You will find all information about recommended VPS providers in the customers Members Area after the purchase.
I cannot purchase through ClickBank, what should I do?
Use the services of
Can I get my money back if I don’t like the robot?
Yes. We offer a 60-day unconditional full-refund guarantee enforced by our third-party reputable payment processor ClickBank. If you are not satisfied with Forex Striker, you will be able to get your cash back in full instantly at any point of time within 60 days of your purchase.
What is a VPS?
A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. It’s a rented remote computer from which you can run Forex Striker 24/7 without a need to have your home computer constantly switched on and connected to the Internet.
Is it better to run Forex Striker from a home computer or from a VPS?
Running Forex Striker from a VPS is a better option. That way you won’t need to constantly have your home computer switched on and connected to the Internet. If you don’t run Forex Striker 24/7 you might miss some trades and some profits.
Are the trades taken automatically or does the robot replicate them from another account?
All trades are taken automatically by the robot.
Would you recommend keeping my profits in my account to achieve compounded returns?
The more money is kept in your account, the higher the profits you will be getting. You are nonetheless free to withdraw all or part of your account balance anytime. Your brokerage account always fully remains under your control and we do not have access to it.
What is the maximal number of open trades at any time?
The robot can open up to 8 trades at a time per currency pair. The number of trades opened by the robot simultaneously depends on how strongly and how fast the market is moving at a specific moment.
Does the robot use hedging?
No, and this makes Forex Striker fully compatible with all brokers.
Are the copies limited?
We do not want to flood the market with an excessive number of copies and plan to halt all sales once enough copies have been sold. We do not know how soon this might happen – it can be in a month or even tomorrow. At the time you are reading this, an unlimited number of copies are still available for purchasing but the situation can change anytime. After the sales closure, we will fully concentrate on assisting our existing customers and won’t be taking any new ones.
How much does the product cost?
Forex Striker comes at as little as a one-time payment. It is not a cost you incur but a profitable investment in your financial independence. You can expect this amount to be made back within weeks of using Forex Striker if not faster.
What do I get by purchasing Forex Striker?
You get a fully automated patented Forex robot that has been demonstrating steady high returns of over 100% pa over many years. You also get access to our experienced 24/5 customer support ready to assist you in a prompt and professional manner anytime at your first request.
Daniel says:
All results are great, but I still have some concerns about this EA.
John1982 says:
I like your presentation and I will surely buy the robot
Wayne says:
I'm very glad that I've joined Forex Striker team. I think this EA is one of the best on market today. The results are well and there are no problems with it's installation and running. So I strongly recommend you to test it and see these results on your own eyes.
JLin says:
much impressed with the robot performance. I tried this EA on 2 demo a/cs., one with an equity of $500 and another with $1000. First day not much improvement. Second day $100 profit,. then $150.
Joel says:
I don't think this EA can show the exact same results on real accounts. I suppose that there are some special settings for such good results.
JDaniel says:
I was a little skeptical at first, but with the persuasion o friends and family.... I figured what do I have to lose??? I tried it, and I am now a BELIEVER!!! You will be to.... A++++++ Thank You Again!!!
Ron says:
I've purchased your EA, set up on my VPS, now I'm waiting for good trades, wish me luck!
Lirpa says:
Wow just come across your robot and it has impressed me much! It uses proved strategies and prevents any possible losses. It's very simple, but at the same time very successful plan. I'm gonna join you, guys!
k_factor says:
lol finally someones seems to have gotten this right
Kym says:
I think I am going to try this service. I am new to trading, but I am starting to favor Forex over futures because of the lot size control. I looked through all information about robot and I think that it can earn money for me.
Edith says:
Awesome site you've got here. Looks like you really know your stuff. I'm glad I found this in my searches. I really liked your angle that you have on the topic. Your ideas were totally great
Sonu says:
Susan says:
I enjoyed your presentation. It inspires! I will absolutely purchase this EA as soon as possible!
Allejandra Villejas says:
I think that i can make a millions dollars with this robot. I try it on my real account. Thank for your work!
Eric says:
Tried most of them. Found none the were winners. I have spent lots of time and cash just working these losers. Someday, someone will come up with a positive system. I hope it is you. I am looking forward putting your EA's onto my live account.
Bob says:
hope this work
Richard says:
Very impressive results, I must be a complete fool if I don’t try this ea!
123 says:
I'm very skeptical about any EA because I was cheated by such called “magic robots” and “perfect strategy” promises. But looking through your results I understood that if I dodn't try I would lose a real chance to get rich.
Stevie says:
Wow, it sounds very optimistic! I'll try this robot
King says:
All I can say is ... AMAZING!
Fernando says:
Después de comprar EA Tengo manual y todas las instrucciones. Ahora estoy esperando para operaciones especiales!
Johnnie says:
I have been using expert advisors for meta trader 4 for a while.
For now, I will only focus on this expert advisor (EA) to see if this EA can be profitable.
Pattie Kawamura says:
The promise of untold wealth, freedom and basically getting out of the miserable rut of our everyday "lives" (enslavement to the 9-5 job) and finally finding happiness (even after a loving family life, food, shelter and stability couldn't even give us that) turns people into fools who think the end of the rainbow does exist.
Yet, this looks different from others, I'll definitely give it a shot.
Andrew J. Lawson says:
Both the basic system and the recently released EA are excellent.
I have purchased and tested more than 50 EA's. So far this one perform probably the best on backtests on my broker, though the drawdown is on the high side. I will try running it and see how it performs live, but I think this one is something completely new on the market.
Filip says:
We all know the vast majority of EAs are scams, or don't work in the end.
I hope that Forex Striker is a potentially long term profitable automated strategy.
Merc says:
Best service I ever seen and used so far! I tried backtesting it and decided to place it straight on my live account. First profitable trade already!
Ramon says:
Eu testei muitos e visto mais. Seu parece interessante ….
Gabriel says:
I souds very incredible
Karl says:
Hi, I decided to buy this robot even though I had real skepticism because most of EAs are hype.
RobBarboza says:
This is not a bad system if followed properly. A lot to consider actually, and a lot to tune to see the good results, but the results of this EA are worth the money and time spent.
Gagnon says:
I would only purchase a forex trading robot product if I could first use it free for about 1 or 2 weeks.
If this may be possible then I would be interested.
DirtyGarry says:
I purchased this system like all the others just to test, but actually found it to my liking. It is well documented and a very easy thing to use. I am well up with the system and if you follow what the instructions say then you should do well using this system. A simple, easy manual installation and usage.
Sam says:
I'm glad I can get an honest review of what's being sold. I'm sick and tired of all kinds of forex junk. I've received dozens of emails claiming how great their software is. Keep up the good work. I'm thankful for it.
Sam says:
I don't believe in backtests. Always run on forward testing. I buy my robots, forward test them for 2 to 4 weeks and see how they do. Then I decide if I should run them on a live account. I believe Forex Striker is a good product.
Joe says:
oK, just gotta find my cc and we're in business
Velma D. Boyd says:
This product is worth the price they are asking. Tested it and placed on few demo and one live account, but considering buying additional licenses for more live accounts. I will watch how it peforms live and reportback, but I expect the best.
ROO11 says:
Edward Mitchell says:
I have installed asinstructed in the manual which is great, but I am yet to see it trade. Installation was easythough, let's see how it performs!
Rod says:
Hi, I am going to buy ForexStriker. I don't know any thing about 4X trading i just want to get a little more cash.
Barbara says:
I have seen that the same DEFAULT settings,risk,etc. on different brokers gives different results.Settings are explained in manual thoroughly, so gonna try it on different brokers now and report back later
David says:
I do not think this robot will be outstanding, but I hope it will worth its price.
Gregory says:
I can not say how much I'm pleased. Just installed and it delievers what promises straight away - already first few bucks of profit.
misinkohnito says:
Sounds enticing, but.. Too good to be true? Oh well, I guess ill giveit a try
Nick T. says:
Great feedback. It's amazing how you guys are earning profits up/down. I'm new to forex trading. I would like the opportunity to learn your system and apply what I learn.
Cathi T. Baeza says:
Bought this earlier today for demo accounts testing. Already opened trades on different brokers. That is unexpected, I surely didn't even hope that it will start trading in just 2-3 hours after installation!
JTS says:
Already got a trade.. omg
MarkTrader says:
I have installed your robot and hope to start it up when the market opens. Cheers.
William says:
I guess it won't hurt to try it. 60-day money back guarantee is a good thing.
ollo says:
lolwut? )
Kenneth says:
I have installed Forex Striker on VPSland. We'll see how it works.
Bertha says:
I acquired this EA because it has a patent, and the results are amazing, but hmmm I hope it will be profitable in the long term...
fxdude says:
Hm... still sceptical
Teo says:
Good support. They replied me in 1 hour.
bizon says:
There is simply no comparison between this EA and the other ones I have used in the past i get consistent and great performance from this software easy to use and the support is fantastic, very happy customer.
Vincent says:
I began a forward test of this EA on a LIVE account after seeing other people's results. So far so good, but this is to be expected from such a revolutionary EA.
kEITH says:
joed1986 says:
i highly recommend this company to others it did really well for me, despite what some others say in their reviews. They are very professional and trusted. They are a really good robot!
Larry says:
I have installed the robot. Waiting for good trades.
madcat says:
yikes, nice stuff
Ian says:
Hi there. I am a forex trading newbie. I have downloaded your robot and will give it a run!
ndw says:
REally impressed thus far... the EA seems to perfectly "sell" at the peak of an upward trend, and "buy" at the bottom of a downward trend Exactly how this should work!!
I had issues with purchasing the robot (i am from Nigeria and i cannot use my Credit card to buy it online). But I have managed to purchase it through Perry Solution.
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